Chef de Chantier


Is responsible, within an Operating Unit (in French: U.E.: Unité d’Exploitation), for the execution of the work or the job(s) entrusted to him/her.

Main Responsibilities

  • Ensures that the health, safety and environmental rules are respected and applied and informs his/her manager of any malfunctions 

  • Demonstrates exemplary behavior in his field of work: with regard to customers, safety and the environment 

  • Prepares the job: resource planning, layouts, signage and tracing. Monitors the construction process, and ensures that projects are completed on time and according to specifications

  • Participates in the preparation and budget monitoring of the job: assessment of income and expenditure

  • Manages and follows the progress of the job: management of contingencies and feedback, corrective measures in case of deviations, schedule, orders, deliveries, stocks, etc.

  • Represents the company with all stakeholders of the job: guarantees the company's image and responds to the customer's requests

  • Leads the team according to the project manager's instructions, allocates tasks and ensures the integration and training of new recruits, conducts  interviews and assesses his/her employees

  • Guarantees the quality of the job for its acceptance, conducts final inspection of construction projects


  • Typically requires a bachelor’s degree and at least 2-3 years of experience